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XPRT ANALYTICAL TEAM are dedicated in ensuring not only the safety and efficiency of testing products but also helping customers to achieve these goals through extensive scientific knowledge that generates reliable results.


Experience the XPRT Analytical Services Difference

By providing appropriate methods from official pharmacopoeia's’, standard methods, or in house developed-validated methods in producing reliable results. Offering simple and easy steps for achievement of one’s goal:

1. Request

After receiving inquiry, XPRT will evaluate the request. Response to the inquiry will be received by your office at the soonest possible time.

2. Confirm

The laboratory staff would then be available to answer all your queries, make necessary adjustments if needed, then confirm the proposal. All the necessary terms, conditions, and requirements shall also be agreed upon.

3. Submit

Upon receipt of samples, Client’s Laboratory Request Form shall be filled up together with the agreement.

4. Testing

Let our experts work for your testing need.

5. Results

Once completed, Certificate of Analysis will be given.